imp of the perverse

Many years of experience as a submissive have helped me understand what makes a dominant particularly pleasurable to serve. I find submission to be a deeply powerful and rewarding act and I greedily lap up the attention of a skilled dominant. I particularly enjoy providing exquisite service or being beaten to my breaking point. I am alternately a well-trained slave or a smart-ass masochist, but I am always a treat to my Mistress’s eyes.


As a switch I can deepen your experience with another Mistress. Perhaps you are nervous about seeing a dominatrix and want an experienced submissive to guide you. For experienced players, I guarantee you will take more strokes of the flogger than ever before while bound tightly against me, as I breathe with you through the pain. Another Domme might instruct me on just the way she wants me to torture you, or I might start out the scene submissive and switch into my dominant role midway through our session. The options are as endless as our imaginations.


Be advised, I never submit to anyone I do not know and trust. I only submit to other professionals who I have had previous negotiations with. Do not even ask if you can dominate me.

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