imp of the perverse

I am committed to crafting dynamic scenes that fulfill your needs while speaking to my mercurial whims. I am not interested in acting out your scripts, but I do relish the challenge of finding my own pleasure in your unique fetish. My style may take on various flavors depending on our unique chemistry: frivolous or transcendent, cruel or nurturing, playful or strict. Sometimes the most magical scenes arise when we allow seeming contradictions to coexist. Whatever my mood, I always specialize in bringing you to your erotic edge through psychological domination, physical intensity, and sensual teasing.


Physical and psychological safety are top priority to me. Creating a space where you know you are safe and your hard limits are respected allows me to open you up to even deeper submission and intensity. I am safe, sane, and consensual in all of my play. All sessions are pre-negotiated, and you will always have a safe word or signal. We are here to enjoy ourselves, after all.  


Double Domme sessions are also available. Feel free to inquire about other Mistresses I enjoy to play with. A vanilla voyeur (or several!) can also be arranged with advanced notice.


I take sessions with both novice and experienced players. I enjoy playing with sincere submissives and fetishists of all genders and orientations.






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