imp of the perverse

By Vera Lamarr, Nov 23 2014 11:23PM

I spent last Sunday evening with National Air Sex champion, Kate Anderson, and Eric Barry, the host and creator of the Full Disclosure Podcast. If you were ever curious to know more about the woman behind the whip, you’ll definitely want to grab some headphones and give this intimate interview a listen. We talk about my pervy childhood memories, how I got into sex work, power exchange, medical play, and much more. Towards the end I gently coax my host into letting me demo urethral sounding on him, and you get to listen as I go where no woman has gone before: deep inside Eric Barry’s pee hole.

You can hear our whole conversation and demo over on the Podcast website here (audio NSFW, opens a new window)

Below: Urethral sounding during a session.

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