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By Vera Lamarr, Apr 11 2018 09:27PM

As many of you know, I have been in an intensive graduate school program that greatly limits the number of sessions I am able to take. Due to the number of inquiries, I would like to explain my availability and how to increase your chances of booking an appointment with me.

During the school term, I only take a rare session here and there from reliable regular clients. I try to book sessions for my school vacations about 2 weeks in advance. This is the only time I open my books to new clients, and regulars still take priority. Due to recent cancellations, I now require a non-refundable deposit from everyone.

Here are the best ways to be one of the lucky pets who get to play with me:

1) Keep an eye on my Twitter @dominavera. I post when I have a cancelation or an opening in my schedule. I also post when I am opening my books for an upcoming school vacation.

2) If you are already vetted, email me and ask to be put on my preferred booking email list. When I am ready to book my school vacation time, I will let you know first-- before I post about it on Twitter.

3) If you are new, make a good first impression. I take on very few new clients, so make yourself stand out as reliable, respectable, and fun. Include all relevant information and references in your first email. I do not even bother responding to one line emails. If you don't appear to care, why should I?

I look forward to torturing you soon!


Miss Vera Lamarr

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