imp of the perverse

By Vera Lamarr, Jun 12 2014 11:20PM

I know we’re all thrilled that Summer is finally here. With it comes some of my favorite things: bare feet, bike rides, refreshing cocktails, sneaking into the pool at night, farmers markets, short shorts, outdoor music, and of course, gelato. Here are a few sun-inspired sessions I would love to do this Summer…

Holla Back! Roleplay

Summer isn’t all good. All women, including myself, experience street harassment on a daily basis all year long, but it definitely seems the worst during the summer when more people are out and about. In real life situations, giving harassers a piece of my mind is often too dangerous or I feel too stunned, angry, and unsafe to act in the moment. I specialize in role-reversal roleplays, and I would jump at a chance to take back power and turn the tables in a street harassment revenge roleplay.

You make lewd comments, gestures, or kissing noises at me while I’m walking home from work, and before you know it I have you helplessly bound in my dungeon. After a full-on verbal assault, I punish you for your disgusting perpetuation of a culture that keeps women constantly afraid of violence. Will I give you a heavy caning? Will I mercilessly torture your cock and balls? Will I hook you up to electrodes? Will I take out my strap-on? Will I castrate you? Will I call your mom and ask her how she failed to teach you basic respect for other humans? It all depends on my mood that day.

Ice Cream Social

I’ll put you in the kiddie pool and turn you into my very own ice cream sunday. Freezing cold ice cream, sticky syrups, hot fudge, fizzy root beer, and don’t forget the banana split! It can be pure fun or erotically humiliating. Either way, I love getting messy and exploring different sensations… all while wearing a bikini of course!

Foot Fanatic

I know you’ve been staring at all of those sandaled feet and pedicured toes. Summer can be heaven -or torture- for you foot lovers. Indulge your fetish with my pretty size 7 feet. First, send me to the salon for pampering and polish. What we do next is all up to you and me. I might tie you up and tease you with them until you beg to kiss my soles. I might give you strict orders on how I require you to thoroughly worship from my toes up to my knees. I might trample your whole body beneath my feet and strong legs. I might casually sit with one foot on your face, while the other lightly (or not so lightly) kicks and stomps on your cock and balls. Bare, in nylons, or in heels? Clean or stinky? Summer is for foot sessions!

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