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By Vera Lamarr, Mar 5 2015 04:04AM

Many of you have asked if there is anywhere you can find clips of me to watch at home when you can't get an in-person fix. While there's no substitute for the thrill of being in my presence: my expert finger tips probing your vulnerable flesh, my soft voice whispering in your ear, the anticipation of not knowing what will happen to you next; there's now a way to get a little taste in my absence.

My clips store is now open at I've worked very hard on making sure the site and each clip is up to my aesthetic and erotic standards. As you may know, I have a DIY ethos (or just like to be in contro), which means I handle everything myself: performing, editing, producing, creating GIF previews, designing banners, and taking care of all of the other details. I'm also very lucky to film with some wonderful and experienced Pro Dommes, video slaves, and porn producers!

So what will you find at Each video features 100% authentic lifestyle and professional BDSM practitioners and fetishists enjoying themselves to the full. You will see: Femdom, lesbian domination, POVs, foot, stocking, shoe, and panty teases, pantyhose and foot domination, CBT, medical play, corporal punishment, strap-on, sploshing, bondage, and more! All video is shot in full HD and available to you in the highest quality 1280x720 Mp4 and WMV formats.

Now go buy a clip from and jerk it for me!


Miss Vera

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