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By Vera Lamarr, Nov 23 2014 11:23PM

I spent last Sunday evening with National Air Sex champion, Kate Anderson, and Eric Barry, the host and creator of the Full Disclosure Podcast. If you were ever curious to know more about the woman behind the whip, you’ll definitely want to grab some headphones and give this intimate interview a listen. We talk about my pervy childhood memories, how I got into sex work, power exchange, medical play, and much more. Towards the end I gently coax my host into letting me demo urethral sounding on him, and you get to listen as I go where no woman has gone before: deep inside Eric Barry’s pee hole.

You can hear our whole conversation and demo over on the Podcast website here (audio NSFW, opens a new window)

Below: Urethral sounding during a session.

By Vera Lamarr, Nov 7 2014 07:04PM

I've been in and out of town quite a bit over the past month, but one of my favorite trips was just barely out of the city, to Kinky Kollege Homecoming ’14. If you’re unfamiliar, KK is a BDSM education convention sponsored by the Chicago SINS Center. Lady Sophia had invited me over the years, and I am so glad I finally made it out this time. Many of the classes at KK are on the more introductory end of the spectrum, but there’s always new information and perspectives to glean even from those.

Some of my favorite classes were taught by Leather icon, Peter Fiske. Peter has a collection of over 1,000 whips and canes from all over the world and dating back as far as the mid 19th century. Being the pervy nerd that I am, I couldn’t get enough of the history behind them all! The obvious joy he takes in sharing his extensive knowledge and the love and care he shares with his play partners through his implements is just marvelous. He’s inspired me to become serious about becoming proficient with a single tail. If you want to support my learning, please contact me about gifting me a whip!

I also picked up new ideas for cock and ball bondage, predicament bondage, and rough body play (especially punching). If you’re interested in any of those activities, I’d love to play with you! And if you enjoy pokey/piercey sensations, I learned an entirely new technique: quilling. This would be great for someone who is curious, but not quite ready to try needles. I would love to make some beautiful and prickly designs on flesh with this natural material!

Since returning home, my sessions have felt reinvigorated. I’ve got a few new tricks up my sleeve, and most importantly, I have reconnected with the energetic and connective basis of my BDSM practice. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to book a session with me, this is it!


Miss Vera

(no photos allowed at KK, but here's a previously unreleased image from 2013)

By Vera Lamarr, Aug 3 2014 09:15PM

I'll be out of town and unavailable to session Monday, August 18th through Monday, the 25th. I may be checking email during that time, but my response time will be slower than usual.

If you would like to session before I leave, I suggest emailing me soon because these two weeks will fill up quickly!

By Vera Lamarr, Jun 12 2014 11:20PM

I know we’re all thrilled that Summer is finally here. With it comes some of my favorite things: bare feet, bike rides, refreshing cocktails, sneaking into the pool at night, farmers markets, short shorts, outdoor music, and of course, gelato. Here are a few sun-inspired sessions I would love to do this Summer…

Holla Back! Roleplay

Summer isn’t all good. All women, including myself, experience street harassment on a daily basis all year long, but it definitely seems the worst during the summer when more people are out and about. In real life situations, giving harassers a piece of my mind is often too dangerous or I feel too stunned, angry, and unsafe to act in the moment. I specialize in role-reversal roleplays, and I would jump at a chance to take back power and turn the tables in a street harassment revenge roleplay.

You make lewd comments, gestures, or kissing noises at me while I’m walking home from work, and before you know it I have you helplessly bound in my dungeon. After a full-on verbal assault, I punish you for your disgusting perpetuation of a culture that keeps women constantly afraid of violence. Will I give you a heavy caning? Will I mercilessly torture your cock and balls? Will I hook you up to electrodes? Will I take out my strap-on? Will I castrate you? Will I call your mom and ask her how she failed to teach you basic respect for other humans? It all depends on my mood that day.

Ice Cream Social

I’ll put you in the kiddie pool and turn you into my very own ice cream sunday. Freezing cold ice cream, sticky syrups, hot fudge, fizzy root beer, and don’t forget the banana split! It can be pure fun or erotically humiliating. Either way, I love getting messy and exploring different sensations… all while wearing a bikini of course!

Foot Fanatic

I know you’ve been staring at all of those sandaled feet and pedicured toes. Summer can be heaven -or torture- for you foot lovers. Indulge your fetish with my pretty size 7 feet. First, send me to the salon for pampering and polish. What we do next is all up to you and me. I might tie you up and tease you with them until you beg to kiss my soles. I might give you strict orders on how I require you to thoroughly worship from my toes up to my knees. I might trample your whole body beneath my feet and strong legs. I might casually sit with one foot on your face, while the other lightly (or not so lightly) kicks and stomps on your cock and balls. Bare, in nylons, or in heels? Clean or stinky? Summer is for foot sessions!

By Vera Lamarr, Nov 26 2013 06:25PM

A couple weeks ago, my photographer, Emily Esperanza, and I got together at the dungeon for a shoot. Emily and I always have a lot of fun together and she makes beautiful images, so its always exciting when she emails me the first few edited photos. (She only edits my pictures for color and light balance, so what you see is what you get.) Some of these new shots were taken with a fish-eye lens, so you can see more of this luxury dungeon including some of the furniture and toys I love to play with. And this is only one of the three dungeons I have access to!

Here's a little taste, but keep an eye out for more to come. If you like Emily's work, be sure to check out her portfolio here! You may even find some more shots of me...


Miss Vera

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