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By Vera Lamarr, Apr 11 2018 09:27PM

As many of you know, I have been in an intensive graduate school program that greatly limits the number of sessions I am able to take. Due to the number of inquiries, I would like to explain my availability and how to increase your chances of booking an appointment with me.

During the school term, I only take a rare session here and there from reliable regular clients. I try to book sessions for my school vacations about 2 weeks in advance. This is the only time I open my books to new clients, and regulars still take priority. Due to recent cancellations, I now require a non-refundable deposit from everyone.

Here are the best ways to be one of the lucky pets who get to play with me:

1) Keep an eye on my Twitter @dominavera. I post when I have a cancelation or an opening in my schedule. I also post when I am opening my books for an upcoming school vacation.

2) If you are already vetted, email me and ask to be put on my preferred booking email list. When I am ready to book my school vacation time, I will let you know first-- before I post about it on Twitter.

3) If you are new, make a good first impression. I take on very few new clients, so make yourself stand out as reliable, respectable, and fun. Include all relevant information and references in your first email. I do not even bother responding to one line emails. If you don't appear to care, why should I?

I look forward to torturing you soon!


Miss Vera Lamarr

By Vera Lamarr, Dec 17 2015 03:14AM

If you were lucky and downtown a couple weeks ago, you might have seen your Mistress in full fetish attire, strutting around our beautiful city's sites. I love a challenge, and this shoot definitely pushed me! Imagine me stealthily changing into my Wolford stockings and Agent Provocateur bra out on the Chicago River Walk, carefully avoiding completely exposing myself to tourist boats. Luckily, I was able to slide into the latex catsuit in the restroom of a sandwich shop! I am a shy exhibitionist, and although I nearly caught frost bite for these shots, I greatly enjoyed stopping traffic and causing a bit of a scene.

Keep an eye out for more photos from this daring shoot!


Miss Vera

By Vera Lamarr, May 6 2015 05:42PM

May is Suck It Month, Masturbation Month, and it is also my birth month! The past few weeks have been tough for me: I've been going through a rough break up and a housing transition, and now I am ready to celebrate!

If you've known me for any amount of time at all, you probably recall that I enjoy sploshing or messy food play. Well, on my birthday I love to sit on cakes! There is little more fun than destroying a beautifully decorated cake with my ass in front of all of my closest friends. This year, I plan to sit on a lot of them: twenty-seven to be exact.

I also love to receive Birthday spankings. If you have considered booking a switch session with me and one of my favorite Mistresses, May is a fabulous time to pull the trigger. Who do you think can take a heavier spanking: you or me? Send me an email to book a switch session and we shall see!

Finally, I adore unwrapping birthday gifts! There are a few big ticket items I am lusting after this season. If you would like to purchase one of these for me, please contact me to be sure no one else has yet and to get all of the pertinent info on sizes, colors, shipping, etc. Go ahead and spoil me...

Cercei thigh high boots, custom made by Fabulously Fetish. Imagine me trampling you under these and then allowing you to worship every inch.

Eros Tek ET312B Package Deal to torment all of you lab rats with!

Upper Arm length leather gloves by Fernando Berlin. An absolute fetish object to tease your senses.

And as always, gift cards to Lush Cosmetics, Wolford Stockings, Agent Provocateur, Reckless Records, and Amazon are always entirely appreciated.


Miss Vera

By Vera Lamarr, Mar 25 2015 05:31PM

A while back Chris contacted me asking if I would watch the 50 Shades of Grey movie in theaters and then have a conversation about it. Suffering from a severe case of 50 Shades fatigue, I very reluctantly agreed. Sitting through that movie was worse torture than I would inflict on anyone, but the conversation that came out of the experience was well worth it. Sure we talk about 50 Shades, but we also delve into my love of blood play and CBT, why we do what it is we do, tips for newbies, the cruelest punishment, and so much more. So grab some headphones and give it a listen!

By Vera Lamarr, Mar 5 2015 04:04AM

Many of you have asked if there is anywhere you can find clips of me to watch at home when you can't get an in-person fix. While there's no substitute for the thrill of being in my presence: my expert finger tips probing your vulnerable flesh, my soft voice whispering in your ear, the anticipation of not knowing what will happen to you next; there's now a way to get a little taste in my absence.

My clips store is now open at I've worked very hard on making sure the site and each clip is up to my aesthetic and erotic standards. As you may know, I have a DIY ethos (or just like to be in contro), which means I handle everything myself: performing, editing, producing, creating GIF previews, designing banners, and taking care of all of the other details. I'm also very lucky to film with some wonderful and experienced Pro Dommes, video slaves, and porn producers!

So what will you find at Each video features 100% authentic lifestyle and professional BDSM practitioners and fetishists enjoying themselves to the full. You will see: Femdom, lesbian domination, POVs, foot, stocking, shoe, and panty teases, pantyhose and foot domination, CBT, medical play, corporal punishment, strap-on, sploshing, bondage, and more! All video is shot in full HD and available to you in the highest quality 1280x720 Mp4 and WMV formats.

Now go buy a clip from and jerk it for me!


Miss Vera

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