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New Photos!

By Vera Lamarr, Nov 26 2013 06:25PM

A couple weeks ago, my photographer, Emily Esperanza, and I got together at the dungeon for a shoot. Emily and I always have a lot of fun together and she makes beautiful images, so its always exciting when she emails me the first few edited photos. (She only edits my pictures for color and light balance, so what you see is what you get.) Some of these new shots were taken with a fish-eye lens, so you can see more of this luxury dungeon including some of the furniture and toys I love to play with. And this is only one of the three dungeons I have access to!

Here's a little taste, but keep an eye out for more to come. If you like Emily's work, be sure to check out her portfolio here! You may even find some more shots of me...


Miss Vera

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