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Celebrating My Birthday

By Vera Lamarr, May 6 2015 05:42PM

May is Suck It Month, Masturbation Month, and it is also my birth month! The past few weeks have been tough for me: I've been going through a rough break up and a housing transition, and now I am ready to celebrate!

If you've known me for any amount of time at all, you probably recall that I enjoy sploshing or messy food play. Well, on my birthday I love to sit on cakes! There is little more fun than destroying a beautifully decorated cake with my ass in front of all of my closest friends. This year, I plan to sit on a lot of them: twenty-seven to be exact.

I also love to receive Birthday spankings. If you have considered booking a switch session with me and one of my favorite Mistresses, May is a fabulous time to pull the trigger. Who do you think can take a heavier spanking: you or me? Send me an email to book a switch session and we shall see!

Finally, I adore unwrapping birthday gifts! There are a few big ticket items I am lusting after this season. If you would like to purchase one of these for me, please contact me to be sure no one else has yet and to get all of the pertinent info on sizes, colors, shipping, etc. Go ahead and spoil me...

Cercei thigh high boots, custom made by Fabulously Fetish. Imagine me trampling you under these and then allowing you to worship every inch.

Eros Tek ET312B Package Deal to torment all of you lab rats with!

Upper Arm length leather gloves by Fernando Berlin. An absolute fetish object to tease your senses.

And as always, gift cards to Lush Cosmetics, Wolford Stockings, Agent Provocateur, Reckless Records, and Amazon are always entirely appreciated.


Miss Vera

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